Making sure patients and medical staff are satisfied


»  While patients don't always have access to the medical staff whenever  needed , it reduces their overall  satisfaction. 

»  Doctors and nurses face difficulties with overloaded work and tight  work schedules than the number of patients they have to see after.

»  The medical management staff needs to organize care activities in an  environment that is getting more and more complex and challenging. 



Satiscall-Medical is a platform for efficient and secure medical workflow automation that enables healthcare centers to ensure a high quality service and a total satisfaction of the patient and the medical staff.


Patient centricity

All the medical services available at the patient fingertip.

Ms Muna can request support from her  assigned Nurse at anytime, just by pressing  on a button.

Ms Muna is not able to walk alone, so she  can always request a wheelchair whenever  she feels the need to be moved to another  place.

Ms Muna has a direct access to her doctor.  Just with a single touch , she is able to  request her doctor directly.


Satisfy the medical staff

We ensure service process compliance, efficient  coordination and work distribution in the team.  Physicians and nurses can have access to automatic  traceability and documentation with transparency  in overall tasks, resulting in accelerated motivation  and satisfaction.

Satiscall-medical connects the patient with the medical staff , as well as with all the available care services. In addition it eases and optimizes the interaction between the involved parties. The result is a great team work, satisfied patients and medical staff, motivated workers and very efficient  usage of all the resources

Performance improvements

Convenient call initiation: Patients of all ages can get access to the user-friendly and  intuitive call initiation interface. Each call is further translated  into an activity with full traceability.

Smart task handling: The system makes possible a conducive, automatic and intuitive  task handling in teams, enabling access to task progress and  status. Automated traceability and documentation with  transparency resulting-in efficient coordination between  medical staff.

Quality assurance : Monitoring time limits for all the care activities,  ensuring service quality. The system automatically generates  reminders and real time alerts in order to ensure a perfect  service quality.

Analytics: Dashboards, Realtime deep analytics & reports allow you to  get the full transparency and traceability needed in order to  manage and improve your activities systematically.

Full flexibility:  Satiscall medical is fully flexible and can be adapted and customized  on all levels in order to be integrated in any environment. The  intuitive user interfaces makes everything very easy.

Efficient : Our system is extremely efficient with affordable price with  the powerful, robust , wireless and care-free system. 

"Satiscall-Medical enabled us to boost our patient satisfaction and also the staff motivation from day one on. I can't imagine working without it anymore."

Julie Amet , Medical doctor

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